Little Zarina

Little Zarina
Living in the treetops of the Amazon rainforest the world’s tiniest monkeys are called “finger monkeys” because they’re the size of a human finger! Now, The Ashton-Drake Galleries brings you a FIRST-EVER collection inspired by these tiny treasures of the wild—the Amazing Amazon Finger Monkey Doll Collection. "Little Zarina” is the seventh doll in the collection and was inspired by the Golden-Mantled Tamarin.

Each little monkey doll is a marvel of hand-craftsmanship by artist Angelica Holm, delicately hand-painted and covered with soft, faux fur. And, just like the real monkeys who have an adorable habit of clinging to your fingers when you hold them, each doll’s tiny limbs can be posed to grasp your finger...or whatever you wish to “hang around” and make you smile!

"Little Zarina” is approximately 5.25" long (not including her tail), and is fully poseable.

©2012 The Ashton-Drake Galleries

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  • Artist: Angelica Holm
  • Categories: Monkey Dolls
  • Product Code: 0301853007, 03-01853-007, 0119795007
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