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Batman Floor Lamp

From the spectacular superheroes we hold high to the vicious villains we love to loathe, nine camp c..

$169.85 US

Betty Boop Floor Lamp

She's classy, sassy, and capable of lighting up an entire room! Now, let Betty Boop™ and her p..

$161.76 US

Coca-cola Floor Lamp

Whether you're at the beach or a backyard barbecue, there's nothing more refreshing than a thirst-qu..

$161.76 US

Coke Classic Elegance Lamp

The stylish advertising of COCA-COLA® has always enjoyed iconic, collectible status. Now, the fa..

$181.99 US

Country Bluebirds Lamp

The Country Bluebirds Lamp, is a limited edition graced with the imagery of acclaimed artist Rosemar..

$161.76 US

Glory Of Flight Lamp

The noble bald eagle reigns the supreme master of the skies as well as the legendary symbol to Ameri..

$161.76 US

Harry Potter Floor Lamp

As HARRY POTTER™ and the other First Years crossed the Black Lake in "Harry Potter and the Sor..

$169.85 US

Kitten Tabletop Lamp

Few creatures are as playful as kittens, and this group of little explorers have found some playmate..

$121.32 US

Love My Cat Lamp

As most cat people would likely agree, there are no dull days with cats in the home! Their independe..

$80.88 US

P-51d Mustang Lamp

The instrument of American air superiority in WWII, the P-51D Mustang is one of the era's most iconi..

$129.41 US

The Wilderness Challenge

Among nature's more amazing sights is to watch two powerful bucks fighting for territorial rights. W..

$153.68 US

Treetop Friends Lamp

There's nothing more charming than watching colourful songbirds in your own backyard. Now, you can b..

$80.88 US

Wizard Of Oz Floor Lamp

Just one look and you'll know you're not in Kansas anymore! Now you can follow the YELLOW BRICK ROAD..

$169.85 US

Wizard Of Oz Lamp

Perfectly capturing the moment when DOROTHY and SCARECROW discover that plucking an apple from an or..

$161.76 US

Aurora Borealis Floor Lamp

One of the world's most spectacular natural wonders glows in your own home as a soulful pack of wolv..

$161.76 US

Coastal Treasures Lamp

Bring the serenity of the seashore to any room with the Coastal Treasures Lamp, a limited-edition ta..

$161.76 US

Elvis Floor Lamp

No matter where he travelled, the charismatic King of Rock 'n' Roll™ always lit up the stage. ..

$161.76 US

Joyous Gathering Lamp

Joyful songbirds, with their colourful plumage and sweet melodies, are welcomed visitors to anyone's..

$161.76 US

Magic In The Meadow Lamp

In the crisp quiet of a late autumn morning, the sunlight streams through the trees and the last of ..

$137.51 US

Tk Cottage Floor Lamp

World-renowned artist Thomas Kinkade is known for his radiant portrayals of nature's serenity. Now, ..

$161.76 US

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