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Once you feel adorable Abe's arms around you, you're sure to fall in love! Introducing Abe's Hugs Mo..

$150.49 US

Annabelle Hugs

If her big brown eyes don't melt your heart, feeling her arms around you certainly will! Meet Annabe..

$150.49 US

Clementine Needs A Cuddle

A baby's eyes say so much, and that's especially true when the baby is a monkey! Now, Clementine Nee..

$110.88 US

Cooing Cora

Looking at Cooing Cora’s artistry, it’s hard not to beam with joy. Go ahead—gaze i..

$150.49 US

Darling Daisy

She looks up at you shyly, dressed in a cheerful yellow outfit that tells you right away the name of..

$71.28 US

Double Trouble (2)

Don’t let those big brown eyes fool you! These adorable orangutan babies can be as sweet as pi..

$102.96 US

I Can't Help It If I'm Ador

Oh, the things they expect of a little monkey! It’s a 24/7 job just to be adorable—but n..

$47.52 US

I'm Cute And I Know It

Oh, the things they expect of a little monkey! It’s a 24/7 job just to be adorable—but n..

$47.52 US

Kirby Monkey Doll

He gazes up at you with his big brown eyes, just asking to be picked up and held close. And there's ..

$102.96 US

Little Ayana

Little Ayana is the sixth adorable issue in the "Love to Be Cuddled" lifelike chimpanzee baby doll c..

$79.20 US

Little Zarina

Living in the treetops of the Amazon rainforest the world’s tiniest monkeys are called “..

$27.71 US

Lucy's Happy Feet

Like a human baby, the touch of a newborn monkey baby is beyond compare! Now, you can celebrate this..

$118.80 US

No How

Look out world—when the keeper’s away, the monkeys will play! Created by master sculptor..

$39.60 US

Snuggle Suri

With every glance at this sweet baby monkey, watch in awe as her bright eyes and precious smile comp..

$110.88 US


Meet Coco, a baby monkey doll that's so adorable and so lifelike she's bound to be the center of att..

$118.80 US

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