220-240V International Power/Voltage/Plugs

About 220-240V International Power Systems

All products sold at westwindgifts.ca are sold for use on the North American 110V power system.  These will work great anywhere in Canada / USA, but if you live elsewhere simple steps will keep you safe as well as protect your new Lamp / Electrical device.

There are two things to consider  - The plug type (shape) and the power system (volatage/amps) being used.

Lamps & Bulbs:  Included bulbs are for the 110V system.  For simple lamps with no other electronics such as motors, simply discard the included 110V bulb and replace with one meant for your power system for your local store.  Use a simple Pass-Through plug adapter so you can plug it into your wall outlet, and your lamp will operate fine on 220-240V.

Battery Operated Devices: Simply use batteries as you normally would.  AA Batteries use a standard of 1.5V per battery.

AC Adapters: Discard the included AC Adapter, and replace it with one meant for your power system (an input voltage of 220-240V) - Please ensure the output voltage is exactly the same as the original adapter (for example, 5V), and the Amperage / Wattage is the same or greater on your adapter (too many Amps is okay on the adapter side).  With your purchased adapter, it will also have the correct plug for your wall outlet.

Power Converters: While a power converter will work to power any 110V bulb or an AC Adapter, these will only get you close to the correct voltage.  An AC Adapter is already converting power; if you use a converter you are in effect converting it twice.  In the case of non-removable bulbs, motors or other electronics in products not using AC Adapters,  a power converter would be the only choice.  Very few products we sell would require one of these.  Some power converters come standard with a plug adapter as well, sometimes you need to purchase one separately.  We suggest Power Converters only as a last resort. 

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