220-240V International Power/Voltage/Plugs

About 220-240V International Power Systems

All products sold at westwindgifts.ca are sold on the North American 110V system.  These will work great anywhere in Canada / USA, but if you live elsewhere simple steps will keep you safe as well as your new Lamp / Electrical device.

There are two things to consider  - The plug type (shape) and the power system (volatage/amps) being used.

Lamps & Bulbs:  Included bulbs are for the 110V system.  On a simple lamp with no other electronics such as motors, simply discard the included 110V bulb and replace with one found locally to your area.  Use a simple Pass-Through plug adapter, and your lamp will operate fine on 220-240V.

Battery Operated Devices: Simply use batteries as you normally would.  AA Batteries use a standard of 1.5V per battery.

AC Adapters: Discard the included AC Adapter, and replace it with one meant for your power system (220-240V) - Please ensure the output voltage is exactly the same as the original adapter, and the Amperage / Wattage is the same or greater on your adapter.  With your purchased adapter, it will also have the correct plug for your wall outlet.

Power Converters: While a power converter will work to power any 110V bulb or an AC Adapter, these will only get you close to the correct voltage.  An AC Adapter is already converting power; if you use a converter you are in effect converting it twice.  In the case of non-removable bulbs, motors or other electronics in products not using AC Adapters,  a power converter would be the only choice.  Very few products we sell would require one of these.  Some power converters come standard with a plug adapter as well, sometimes you need to purchase on separately.  If you can use a different method, we always suggest you do. 

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