Shipping Time Explained

Items ordered are Special Ordered for You

If the Status is GREEN, this means we can get it quickly, but it will take some time before it arrives here.  Typically, our orders go in on SUNDAY EVENINGS and arrive here a week Monday.  Sometimes we have additional shipments that are sent to us and we receive items faster.  We are very quick once we get items and usually ship the same day received.

If the Status is RED, this means that there is no stock at our supplier.  That is, it will take time for it to arrive to us.  This process usually takes 2-12 weeks.  The average is 4 weeks.  The sooner we get your order in, the faster we'll get it here.  Some backorders will always show as a backorder as they need to be brought in from an International office.

All orders ship from Alberta, Canada.

We can bill in both CAD$ (Canadian Dollars) and USD$ (US Dollars)

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Order today and your order will ship approx May 1-6 (items with a GREEN order status)

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