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Always And Forever Pendant

A radiant celebration of an everlasting bond, the “Always and Forever” Teardrop Pendant ..

$110.10 US

Always In My Heart Pen/ear

Assigned to each and every person to help guide, protect and console them, guardian angels carry the..

$142.56 US

Always With You - Grandson

Your grandson is truly a gift from above. Now, you can share the importance of faith with him with t..

$78.41 US

Always With You - Son

This thoughtful yet stylish religious necklace is inspired by the beloved words from the "Footprints..

$78.41 US

Barack Obama Comm. Pendant

On November 4th, 2008, the world stood captivated as a dream of hope became a reality. A generation ..

$102.18 US

Beauty's Gift Pearl Necklac

According to mythology, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty was born from the sea. Rising majesti..

$118.02 US

Believe In Yourself

With a meaningful message that speaks to those who strive to make a difference in this world, the Be..

$102.18 US

Biblical Blessings Pendant

Among the most precious words in Christian faith are those of the Lord's Prayer. Now, this unique pe..

$78.41 US

Biker's Blessing Dogtag

Crafted of tough-as-a-biker stainless steel, our “Biker’s Blessing” Dogtag Pendant..

$102.18 US

Butterfly Of Hope Pendant

Nature offers us a perfect symbol of hope. The enchanting butterfly is a creature of incredible beau..

$118.80 US

Dalmatian Playful Pup Penda

Plated in shimmering stering silver, this fun and stylish pendant features a hand-painted enameled D..

$94.26 US

Daughter I Love You Necklac

Exquisitely designed and finely hand-crafted, the “Daughter I Love You” Diamond Pendant ..

$94.26 US

Emerald Drop Pendant

Worn by emperors, favored by Cleopatra, and seen glittering from the Crown Jewels, the precious emer..

$102.18 US

Firefighter Pendant

Firefighters bravely put their lives on the line every day! Now, you can honor their courage with th..

$78.41 US

Forever In My Heart

Original Retail Price: $129.00 Now: $79.00..

$62.57 US

Forever In My Heart Cameo

The memories of your precious loved one will forever live in your heart, filling it with all the joy..

$94.26 US

Forever In Our Hearts Elvis

Elvis Presley™ only wore his gold lamé suit for three concerts in 1957, but it quickly ..

$102.18 US

Gd Always Bee Yourself Pend

With the love of her family, your granddaughter can achieve anything she puts her mind to! Now, give..

$79.20 US

Gdau Your As Cute As A Bug

Who is cute as a bug? Why, your darling granddaughter of course! And now, you can let her know just ..

$78.41 US

Generations Of Love Nck (2)

Between each generation of family members, a tight bond is formed with every tradition, memory and h..

$141.78 US

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