Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls
Baby Dolls from The Bradford Exchange and the Ashton Drake Collection
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A Little One To Love-girl

What a miracle a newborn baby is, so bright-eyed and ready to discover all the world has to offer. N..

$146.53 US

A Sister's Love

Meet the two most adorable sisters you will ever lay eyes on with this special doll set by Master Do..

$244.23 US

A Star Is Born

Her mother wished upon a star for a beautiful baby girl, and as luck would have it, her wish came tr..

$146.53 US

A Star Is Born

If you wish upon a star, it just might come true! This little girl will be that twinkling star in yo..

$146.53 US


Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but Alanna caught the eye of thousands who saw a photograp..

$146.53 US


So sweet, so pretty and full of life - she's picture-perfect and ready to steal your heart! Enjoy po..

$154.67 US


“Alicia’s Gentle Touch” is the first African-American doll in our So Truly Real&re..

$154.67 US

All Aboard Logan

Next stop: your heart! This little guy is all about trains and he's ready to share his locomotive lo..

$146.53 US

All Tuckered Out

Introducing “All Tuckered Out”, the ninth Picture-Perfect® Mini-Babies sculpture, cr..

$36.63 US

Are You Kidding Me?

Original Retail Price: $59.99 Now: $39.99Introducing "Are You Kidding Me?", crafted by Master Scu..

$32.56 US


Tiny “Ashley” is only a few hours old. When she was first put into your waiting arms, sh..

$154.67 US

Ava Cost to ship this item starts at $9.99 US to USA/Canada


Celebrate the perfect little bundle of joy with our Ava Baby Doll, by Master Doll Artist Linda Murra..

$227.94 US

Baby Em's Loving Eyes

This little angel snuggles comfortably right in the palm of your hand—so small you can take he..

$36.63 US

Baby Of Mine

Master Doll Artist Violet Parker is admired by collectors the world over for her remarkable baby dol..

$113.97 US

Baby's First Christmas

Introducing Baby’s First Christmas, a So Truly Real® Signature Edition by award-winning Ma..

$187.24 US

Bee-u-tiful Baby (girl)

Celebrate stylish miniature babies everywhere with this adorable realistic baby doll collection by M..

$32.56 US

Benjamin Cost to ship this item starts at $12.99 US to USA/Canada


Such a sweet little thing. So tiny and perfect from his head to his toes. You can’t help touch..

$138.39 US

Benny, The Living Baby

A remarkably realistic lifelike baby doll has reached the absolute pinnacle of achievement among the..

$162.81 US

Bundle Of Love

As she sleeps so sweetly, you gaze at her with great love. Your little newborn is so tiny, so soft, ..

$122.11 US

Calvin And Teddy B

Bedtime is this darling boy's favourite time because he gets to snuggle with his best friend in the ..

$154.67 US

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