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All Things Are Possible

The miracle of Christ walking on water reminds us that every storm can be weathered - with faith. Th..

$79.20 US

Alpha Omega

The “Alpha Omega” bike is the fourth issue in the Riding with the Lord Collection from T..

$71.28 US

Antlered Glory

Outdoorsman, avid hunter and nature artist Hayden Lambson shows his lifelong passion for wildlife in..

$55.44 US

Autumn's Harvest

Celebrate the changing of the seasons with this adorable Seasons in the Garden Sculpture Collection,..

$79.20 US

Barachiel: Lightning Of God

The Renaissance introduced the world to some of the greatest artists of all time. Among them was Don..

$79.20 US

Catherine's Daydream

Come daydream with Catherine in the lily garden! This Thomas Kinkade figurine of a Victorian lady co..

$31.67 US

Coca-cola Machine Coin Bank

Travel back in time to relive the magic of the 1950s! Americans began to travel more often, picking ..

$79.20 US

Coke Machine Sculpture

Keeping bottles of COKE® ice-cold since 1929, COCA-COLA® vending machines became a staple in..

$47.52 US

Comeback And Elvis/army

In 1935, a legend was born - and music would never be the same again! Now, the unforgettable spirit ..

$63.36 US

Delivered From Danger

Original Retail Price: $89.99 Now: $59.99It is the calling of firefighters everywhere, to save thos..

$47.52 US

Devotion In Motion

The “Devotion in Motion” bike is the second issue in the Riding with the Lord Collection..

$71.28 US

Elvis - Swing Down Sweet Ch

Elvis's love of gospel was well known. His roots gave him all he needed to bring untold inspiration ..

$95.04 US

Elvis: The Legend Lantern

Honour the many different facets of Elvis™ with this illuminated lantern that recalls some of ..

$79.20 US

Evening Serenade Gazebo

The Thomas Kinkade’s Heartfelt Homes Limoges Collection transforms one of the artist’s m..

$35.64 US

Expecto Patronum Sculpture

As one of the most famous and powerful defensive charms in the wizarding world, HARRY POTTER™ ..

$126.72 US

Falbrooke Florist

The Thomas Kinkade’s Heartfelt Homes Limoges Collection transforms one of the artist’s m..

$35.64 US

Footprints Illuminated Cros

The beloved poem "Footprints in the Sand" is rife with meaningful religious sentiment that is as pow..

$102.96 US

Gliding Splendor

America's majestic symbol of freedom, the bald eagle, is magnificently portrayed as never before in ..

$71.28 US


The cross, a stirring symbol of faith, finds new expression in a first-ever tabletop collection from..

$55.44 US

God Bless America Cross

For every American who loves their country, there isn't a sight more stirring than the stars and str..

$87.12 US

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