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Other Dolls & Accessories

Other Dolls & Accessories from the Bradford Exchange

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Snow Queen

As the full moon rises in the winter sky, the Snow Queen Fantasy Doll and her owl spirit guide watch..

$161.76 US

Strong Spirit

"Strong Spirit” is the third issue in a first-ever collection for The Ashton-Drake Galleries, ..

$48.52 US

The Anointing

The "Gifts From The Holy Land" collection of deeply moving poseable sculptures of Christ in fine por..

$105.14 US

This Won't Hurt A Bit

The next time you’re looking for a good dose of fun, think of the joy you’ll have when y..

$32.35 US

Travel Case

It's time to go! Now, your little one can take her So Truly Mine® baby doll wherever she goes wi..

$40.43 US


Each season of the year brings with it glorious colors that delight the child in us all. Now you can..

$145.59 US

Welcome Home Acc Set

The day a newborn baby comes home is a momentous occasion filled with joy, snuggles and gentle kisse..

$36.39 US

White Christmas Santa

When you're dreaming of a "White Christmas," this magnificent Santa Claus is sure to be the star of ..

$202.21 US

Wicker Bassinet/white Liner

Here’s a special accessory designed just for your Tiny Miracles™ dolls—the perfect..

$28.30 US


The wondrous "Wish" is meticulously sculpted, then transformed into artist-quality vinyl, capturing ..

$121.32 US

Wooden Display Small

Display your Bukowski key rings on this wooden stand, engraved with the Bukowski logo. Stand has 7 p..

$40.43 US

Wrap Carrier

Ready for today's adventure, baby? Now, your little one can keep her So Truly Mine® baby doll cl..

$32.35 US

Yours Furr Sure

Presenting “Yours Furr Sure,” third issue in a fun-filled litter of kitty-minis by Darl..

$36.39 US

A Sister's Love

With a huge smile on her face, your daughter lights up with joy as you lay the newest member of your..

$242.65 US

A/d T-shirts/socks

There's nothing more adorable than dressing up your beloved baby doll. Whether it's new clothes or c..

$28.30 US

Animal Hats (4)

When it comes to fashion, sometimes we all like to go a little wild! And when it comes time to dress..

$36.39 US


Everyone has heard of UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects, but how many have heard of UCOs - Unbelie..

$64.70 US

Birthday Princess Outfit-l

Your baby girl will look as pretty as a princess on her special day when you dress her up in the Bir..

$24.26 US

Birthday Princess Outfit-m

Your baby girl will look as pretty as a princess on her special day when you dress her up in the Bir..

$24.26 US

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