Canyon Guardian

Canyon Guardian
“Canyon Guardian” makes its debut with a magnificent 10-inch wingspan that dramatically displays the eagle imagery on the undersides. This artisan hand-sculpted eagle is individually hand-painted in nature’s own high-flying colours for the utmost in realism. Every detail of the eagle’s commanding presence, down to the pinfeathers, golden eyes, and scaled talons, is accounted for. Then, all this eagle majesty takes its place on lightweight wire, suspended from your ceiling on a hanging loop to admire from 360 degrees around!

Premiere Edition in the Soaring Spirits Hanging Sculpture Collection, “Canyon Guardian” represents a fresh, new trend that’s sure to wake up your décor as it reinterprets your love for exceptional nature artwork. Ted Blaylock is a modern master of the genre, and this unique edition offers the very best of both pictorial art and three-dimensional sculpture.

Measures approx. 10" (25.4 cm) W.

©2022 Ted Blaylock. Blaylock Originals Inc. All rights reserved

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