Always With You

Always With You
Hand-crafted of clear crystalline in the dramatic shape of Jesus’ praying hands, the fully dimensional “Always With You” is divine from every angle. The realistically detailed hands are gently clasped, and raised toward the heavens in faithful prayer. Reverent and radiant, the sculpture glistens in the light.

Gracing the clasped hands is acclaimed Biblical portraitist Greg Olsen’s vivid image of Christ. When you gaze upon the lifelike depiction of Jesus overlooking the city at dawn, you’ll feel the quiet comfort that His presence brings. The sculpt and art unite with the loving words from Matthew 28:20—“I am with you always”— creating an edition that is as powerful as it is beautiful.

Measures approx. 6" (15 cm.) tall.

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  • Artist: Greg Olsen
  • Categories: Sculptures
  • Product Code: 0104799001, 01-04799-001
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