Ping Lau

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A Little One To Love-girl

What a miracle a newborn baby is, so bright-eyed and ready to discover all the world has to offer. N..

$145.59 US


Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but Alanna caught the eye of thousands who saw a photograp..

$145.59 US

Ava Elise

For the fourth year in a row, we invited doll lovers to submit photos on Facebook® of the cutest..

$145.59 US

Bee Kind

With her bright blue eyes and expression that's sweet as honey, there's just no question - this litt..

$137.50 US

Blessed Are The Pure Of Hea

Those irresistible brown eyes, that sweet smile, and those wrinkled toes! Everything about her is so..

$137.50 US

Camo Cutie

This little sweetie isn't old enough to talk yet, but her adorable outfit already speaks volumes. Sh..

$153.68 US

Don't Hurry, Be Happy Doll

As soon as you cradle this little one in your arms and look into those loving eyes, all you'll want ..

$105.14 US

Down Right Purr-fect

Celebrate the unique love, joy and inspiration found in children with down syndrome with a cutie who..

$137.50 US

Hold Me Hailey

There's nothing like the joy that comes as you hold a little one in your arms or against your should..

$153.68 US


Meet One of a Kind Katherine, a So Truly Real® doll by artist P. Lau. She’s handcrafted in..

$113.23 US

Littlest Sweetheart

The moment you walk into the room, your baby girl's eyes light up, and you feel her excited energy. ..

$129.41 US

Mommy's Boy

Our lovable Mommy's Boy speaks to your heart like no one else, from the way his brown eyes sparkle w..

$105.14 US

Mommy's Girl Holiday Editio

Your little one's face will light up with festive joy with the Mommy's Girl Holiday Edition Baby Dol..

$129.41 US


With her big brown eyes and irresistible smile, a sweet baby girl named Norah was voted as the winne..

$145.59 US

One-of-a-kind Ciara

From the moment you saw baby Ciara, you knew she was extra special. So you got her an outfit that le..

$113.23 US


With her starry blue eyes and adorable button nose, it's no surprise at all that Rosalie was selecte..

$145.59 US


We invited doll lovers to submit photos of the cutest babies they knew and received hundreds of entr..

$145.59 US

Mommy's Girl

The way her blue eyes sparkle whenever you're near, her adorable button nose that waits for your nuz..

$105.14 US

My New Best Friend

Introducing the My New Best Friend Child Doll and Plush Puppy Set by Master Doll Artist Ping Lau. A..

$234.56 US


With her big brown eyes and adorable button nose, it's no surprise at all that Paris was selected as..

$145.59 US

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