Moonchaser The Brave

Moonchaser The Brave
In Native American lore, the ancient quest to discover one’s animal spirit guide is regarded as one of the most sacred traditions of all. It’s believed that the chosen animal guide acts as a personal messenger of the Great Spirit, bestowing gifts of strength, courage, wisdom and guidance for all eternity.

Now we invite you to join us and celebrate this sacred ritual by sharing in a captivating new fairy figurine designed by talented artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith in her first-ever collaboration with Laurie Prindle!

Explore the wonders of the spiritual quest with “Moonchaser, The Brave,” a mesmerizing fairy who draws her courage and strength from her precious spirit guide, the wolf!

Of course, Jasmine is famous for the wonderful way in which she combines rich fantasy with lifelike realism. And her newest fairy is ready to captivate you with her expressive eyes … her Native American-inspired “fringed” costume … and her gorgeous fairy wings that gleam with painted metallic accents!

And in her arms she holds close her personal spirit guide, the wolf, whose image is beautifully reflected in her feather-accented charm pendant graced with the art of Laurie Prindle!

Measures about 4" (10 cm) H.

©2016 HC. All Rights Reserved.

©Jasmine Becket-Griffith. © Laurie Prindle.

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