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Heart Of Compassion

Heaven’s most beautiful angels take colourful inspiration from nature’s most magnificent..

$39.09 US

Heavenly Delight

The glorious beauty found in a flower-filled garden, visited by graceful hummingbirds, is among the ..

$46.91 US

Heavenly Whisper Of Faith

We are surrounded by angels in our lives, some seen and some invisible, who help us remain strong in..

$46.91 US

Hope Blossoms

Presenting the “Hope Blossoms” Breast Cancer Awareness Always in Bloom® Angel, exclu..

$70.37 US

Hopeful Radiance

Filled with striking women, fairies and heroes on brilliant landscapes with celestial hues, Nene Tho..

$46.91 US

Hopeful Radiance

From hem to her head full of curls, “Hopeful Radiance” shines bright with the inspiratio..

$46.91 US

In Loving Memory

The Painter of Light™ emphasized inspirational messages through his art. Now, the uplifting ar..

$78.19 US

Loving Brilliance

The colour of teal represents the power to heal in the fight to find a cure for ovarian cancer. Now,..

$46.91 US

On Angel's Wings Mosaic

Open your heart to a glittering vision of beauty, grace and comfort with the On Angel's Wings Mosaic..

$117.28 US

Protector Of Compasssion

This first-ever Angelic Reflections of Hope Figurine Collection, a stunning debut from acclaimed art..

$39.09 US

Radiant Hope

The stirring artistry of Nene Thomas inspires “Radiant Hope”— an elegant Alzheimer..

$46.91 US

Sisterly Love Is Heaven Sen

Looking as if they just stepped out of a Thomas Kinkade painting, this heavenly pair is a tribute to..

$46.91 US

Sparkling Country Rose Fig

The timeless garden artistry of classic rose-patterned china is gorgeously translated into a heavenl..

$101.64 US

There's No Better Friend Th

Each issue in the Blue Willow Sisterly Love Figurine Collection features a pair of angelic sisters, ..

$46.91 US

We Will Never Forget

This Thomas Kinkade angel memorial sculpture commemorates the 15th anniversary of September 11 and t..

$78.19 US

Wisdom Of The Amethyst

Purple and powerful, the amethyst is thought to have many attributes throughout history, including t..

$62.55 US

Angel Of Delightful Wonder

Just as rare jewels are looked upon with awe and appreciation, Lena brings the rich beauty of her wo..

$39.09 US

Angel Of Marvelous Enchantm

Just as rare jewels are looked upon with awe and appreciation, Lena brings the rich beauty of her wo..

$39.09 US

A Sister Reaches For Your H

With a sister in your life, you have a special family bond that no one can sever. She’s your c..

$46.91 US

Angel Of Caring

As breathtaking as one of his serene paintings, comes the first sculptural angel in the Thomas Kinka..

$31.27 US

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