Caladenia, Dragon Whisperer

Caladenia, Dragon Whisperer
The Ashton-Drake Galleries proudly presents “Caladenia, Dragon Whisperer,” bringing together two masters in their fields: Fantasy Artist Nene Thomas and Doll Artist Cindy McClure.

Nene Thomas, known for her romantic fantasy portrayals, and Cindy McClure, a master sculptor of the feminine form, have created an alluring never-before-seen maiden to capture your heart.

As the premier issue in the Nene Thomas Enchanted Orchids porcelain doll collection, “Caladenia, Dragon Whisperer” is elegantly sculpted then transformed into fine porcelain, recreating Nene Thomas’s incredible art in detail, including her radiant skin, silken hair and hazel eyes. This impressively sized 18" masterpiece is dressed in the very finest of materials, lavish enough for royalty. Her two “tattoos”—the lovely dragon orchid and the fiery dragon—let the world know her sensuously sweet and seductive sides. And she is fully accessorized, including faux jewels and removable lace fan.

“Caladenia” is 18" long to the tips of her toes. Her gown adds another 8" in length.

©2010 The Ashton-Drake Galleries

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