Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls
Baby Dolls from The Bradford Exchange and the Ashton Drake Collection
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Litle Kiara

As cute as can be, this tiny miracle is just waiting to be hugged, nurtured and loved by a "little m..

$80.88 US

Little Angel

“Little Angel,” by Master Doll Artist Linda Murray, is brought to you exclusively from T..

$105.14 US

Little Baby Girl

From the moment you first pick up this darling little girl, you'll know right away that she's destin..

$97.05 US

Little Buddy

For mommies young or young at heart, our lifelike baby doll is so cute that you won't be able to "be..

$97.05 US

Little Ellie - Toy Doll

Wide-eyed with wonder as she takes in her surroundings, the Little Ellie Baby Doll is just waiting t..

$80.88 US

Little Emma

Imagine all the delicate realism of a real infant that you can almost cradle in one hand! That&rsquo..

$80.88 US

Little Grace

When you meet the Little Grace Baby Doll by award-winning artist Linda Murray, the first thing you'l..

$137.50 US

Little Livie - Silicone

Few pleasures in life can match the joy of holding a beautiful baby girl. Her blue eyes gaze lovingl..

$234.56 US

Little Monkey

Cute as little bugs and precious as can be… sweet little babies are just begging to be cuddle..

$121.32 US

Little Peanut

She's so tiny, so beautiful, you're sure to fall in love with our Little Peanut Baby Doll from the f..

$121.32 US

Little Peanut Deluxe Set

An elephant never forgets, especially when she sees someone as cute as Little Peanut! Now, pamper a ..

$218.38 US

Little Peanut W/outfit

Every time you hold your baby in your arms, that special feeling stays with you forever! Now, create..

$161.76 US

Little Saylor

With sun-kissed cheeks and bright blue eyes, let this little ray of sunshine sail straight into your..

$137.50 US

Little Skipper

Meet our Little Skipper Baby Doll, a So Truly Real® baby doll by Master Doll Artist, Linda Murra..

$137.50 US

Little Squirt

All little babies have nicknames unique to their personalities. Now, this Little Squirt Baby Doll is..

$129.41 US

Littlest Sweetheart

The moment you walk into the room, your baby girl's eyes light up, and you feel her excited energy. ..

$129.41 US

Live Life In Color Chase

They’re teeny. They’re tiny. And when you collect the whole bunch, you're sure to "laugh..

$64.70 US

Llama Love

For mommies young or young at heart, there's a "llama" love about this little cutie. Now, you can sn..

$97.05 US

Love Every Moment Monkey

They’re teeny. They’re tiny. And when you collect the whole bunch, you're sure to "laugh..

$64.70 US

Lovely Gabrielle - Silicone

With big brown eyes sparkling with love, Gabrielle can't wait for the moment you scoop her into your..

$202.21 US

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