Baby Dolls

Baby Dolls
Baby Dolls from The Bradford Exchange and the Ashton Drake Collection
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We invited doll lovers to submit photos of the cutest babies they knew and received hundreds of entr..


Silly Goose

“Silly Goose,” is the third addition in the Precious Little Ones collection. This charmi..


Silly Monkey (boy)

Celebrate stylish miniature babies everywhere with this adorable realistic baby doll collection by M..


Singing The Birthday Blues

Original Retail Price: $59.99 Now: $39.99To get the perfect birthday snapshot, you dressed up you..


Sleep Tight, Emma

Good night, sleep tight, sweet dreams 'til the morning light - this sweet little rhyme has comforted..


Smile Awhile, Abigail

Dressed up in her little sailor suit, you can't help but smile when you see her—and wonder of ..


Snuggle Close Sadie

Fall in love with our Snuggle Close Sadie Baby Doll, created by renowned Master Doll Artist Marita W..


Snuggle Coo

“Snuggle Coo!” is an adorable So Truly Real® baby doll by Sherry Miller, a renowned ..


So Sleepy Sophie

Little Sophie has tried to keep awake in her new surroundings, but now there’s ANOTHER world t..


Swaddled So Sweetly

The classic image of a newborn comforted and secured in her swaddle was the inspiration behind doll ..


Sweet Dreams Danny

When a baby is sleeping so sweetly, he's a dream come true! Now, cherish those tender moments with t..


Sweet Dreams, Little Ava

No sight is more precious than a sweet baby drifting off to dreamland and no feeling is as peaceful ..


Sweet Joy

“Sweet Joy,” by Master Doll Artist Linda Murray, is brought to you exclusively from The ..


Sweet Pea

Those chubby cheeks you love to kiss, those tiny fingers you love to hold, and the teensy toes you l..


Sweet Slumbers Abbie

Few things are as adorable as a sleeping sweet, so perfect, so very lovable. Now all the ..


Sweet Snuggles

As she sleeps so sweetly, you gaze at her with great love. Your little newborn is so tiny, so soft, ..



Nothing is more precious than the moments shared with a darling baby. Now, embrace these tender mome..


Tiny Aria

Watch closely as Tiny Aria "breathes" in a gentle rhythm, right before your eyes! You'll be amazed b..


Tiny Miracle Deshawn

With his amazing look and feel, this adorable baby doll is truly a tiny miracle. Introducing Deshawn..


Tiny Miracle Emmy

Imagine all the delicate realism of a real infant that you can almost cradle in one hand! That&rsquo..


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