Peace Silver Dollar

Peace Silver Dollar
In 1921, plans for a new coin took shape. The Peace Silver Dollar commemorated the nation’s hopes and dreams after the Great War, and is considered one of the most beautiful U. S. coins of all time.

Now, The Bradford Exchange Mint presents a complete set of these highly sought-after coins—some almost 100 years old—in The Complete U. S. Peace Silver Dollar Collection. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • ? Mintage began in 1921, but few were struck, so 1922 is considered the first Peace Dollar. Minting continued until
  • ? Heavyweight 90% pure silver coins—the last silver dollars struck for circulation by the United States Mint
  • ? Coins are sealed for permanent protection in a tamper-proof holder

The collection includes a Deluxe Collector’s Display Box—yours FREE with your collection. This handsome, hardwood case is stained in rich mahogany with silver-finished hinges and title plaque. Yours FREE, it helps preserve your coins’ brilliance and value for years to come. A perfect way to display and protect your magnificent coins, it will be shipped second.

The Bradford Exchange Mint is not associated with the United States government or the U.S. Mint.

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